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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trend Roundup: What's Going On In China, Istanbul, Tokyo – And With The Economy

In our current edition, we cover the economy, the luxury market in China, and why trendsetting Europeans are buying flats in Istanbul.

We also learn about historic, caterer-to-the French-elite Dalloyau's expansion plans and what Tokyo is doing to remake itself into the world's greenest metropolis.
  • Americans reduce debt, setting the stage for economic growth, Wall St. Journal
  • The French still dominate the luxury market, even in China. But or how long?, China Economic Review
  • Tough times still ahead as mall stores are getting smaller, Wall St. Journal
  • Dalloyau, France's ultimate luxury caterer is expanding, but not to the U.S., Financial Times
  • Tokyo's Goal: Be Greenest of World Capitals, Los Angeles Times
  • Historic Istanbul is attracting Western trendsetters looking for bargains, culture, and upscale city living, Telegraph

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