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Monday, June 28, 2010

Not the Same Old, Same Old: Just in Time for Summer, Fun, Fashionable Sterling Silver Ballpark Cuff Links

Summer is heating up with major sporting events on every continent.

We've spent a good part of the week watching the World Cup and Wimbledon. (We're still marveling over that unbelievable Isner-Mahut marathon fifth set!)

Ebbets Field Then and Now
Brooklyn's Ebbets Field, home of the
Dodgers, then – and now!
With another week of top-notch tennis and two of soccer ahead, we'll be up most nights into the wee hours cheering on our favorite players and teams.

But long after the dust has settled at the All England Tennis Club and the last of South Africa's vuvuzelas are silenced, we'll still have four months of baseball to look forward to.

This bring us to our newest gift suggestion for clients and friends who (1) are mad about sports and (2) get properly dressed for work at least a few days a week.

What we're talking about here are handsome sterling silver cuff links inset with wood salvaged from the stadium seats of such historic ballparks as Yankee Stadium, Ebbets Field, The Polo Grounds, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium, and seven others.

Ballpark Cuff Links, from top, Wrigley Field, Chicago;
Yankee Stadium, New York; Busch Stadium, St. Louis

Do not laugh! Apart from serving a utilitarian purpose for the dapper man or chic woman who knows that French cuffs are once again in vogue*, our ballpark cuff links are also collectible.

At the very least, wearing them is going to lead to some interesting conversations and maybe even new business or romantic relationships.

Each pair is unique: the painted surfaces of these unusual cuff links may be uneven or multicolored due to multiple layers of paint.

The cuff links are hallmarked with the name of the ballpark on the back and come with a certificate of authenticity. They are nicely gift boxed, too.

The price ranges from $150 - $270 per pair, depending on the scarcity of wood. To borrow from Will Rogers, they're not making wooden seats anymore. And some of these stadiums were torn down a long time ago. The ones still standing have had low-maintenance-but-still-tacky plastic seats for a decade or more.

Our ballpark cuff make memorable gifts for the man or woman has everything, but most assuredly not these! We think you should give them to all of your important clients, every cast member of your TV show or movie, and all of the groomsmen in your summer wedding.

Don't forget your friends who are coming over to watch the All-Star Game on July 13. Imagine how surprised and delighted they'll be.

We sell these in multiples of five or more, any assortment of teams you would like. Please phone us at (310) 581-6710 to place your order.

If you want just one pair, or would like to see the complete list of teams, click here.

*Not that they really ever went out of style. They're timeless, like Fred Astaire or a hot fudge sundae.

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