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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch This Space!

Where have
we been?

Dear Faithful Reader,

You have noticed no doubt that we haven't posted much over the last few months. That is because we have been busy – very, very busy all Fall, in fact – finding remarkable gifts for our beloved customers.

The good news is that we've got lots of nifty new luxury products to tell you about. In addition, we're planning stories on a variety of compelling topics – hot new restaurants and shops in Paris, luxury trends in China, the array of unique, world-class museums planned for Abu Dhabi, Heston Blumenthal's celebrated new London eatery, and the $625 2,438-page book on the science and technology of cooking that is the talk of the culinary world.

Watch this space over the next few weeks for all this and a good deal more. Please come back frequently for our latest reportage.

We think that you will be delighted.

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