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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make It a Double: A Scotch That Came in From the Cold

We recently wrote about Mongolia's main city, Ulan Bator, the coldest of any capital on our planet.

Now comes word from Scotland that whisky maker Glenfiddich has introduced a limited edition bottling blended from casks that were all exposed to sub-zero temperatures when the roof of their storage building collapsed under heavy snow in 2009.

After witnessing the damage, malt maker Brian Kinsman was inspired to create an original blend "marrying together different ages of mature Glenfiddich – some very old."

"Some of these casks had previously held Oloroso sherry and others were traditional whisky casks made of American oak," he explained. "Each one was specially chosen to make a unique contribution to the taste and aroma of the final whisky."

He calls it Snow Phoenix, "a great Glenfiddich Single Malt born of chance and adversity."

While the name may confound if you know anything about mythology, the results are another matter. They have generated rapturous reviews.

It has "an oaky, salty depth. This is one silky smooth scotch," opined one critic. Another crowed, "I poured myself another glass, for pleasure, immediately!"

Enough said.

Only 12,000 bottles of Snow Phoenix were produced, so it may be hard to find.

We think it's worth the search. Let us know what you think of it.

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