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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Enlightened Traveler:
Tired of the Dorchester? Try These.

The folks who run oyster.com (a nice site if you are looking for something different in a hotel) claim that a good hotel is hard to find.

The Luxurist believes that it is infinitely more difficult to find a hotel that can maintain high standards with consistency.

When selecting accomodations, The Luxurist and his lovely Luxurista want to be assured of the same top-notch experience that the reviewer enjoyed.

Rockhouse Lodge, Negril, Jamaica

Actually, this is more often a problem when it comes to dining at a new restaurant that has received rapturous notices.

Having patiently waited a few weeks for the next available table – because everyone else has read the same review – The Luxurist and his LL invariably sit down to a less than stellar meal, rushed from the kitchen to appease the noisy hordes that  descend nightly on the place, thanks to the aforementioned hosannas.

Many are called, but it's a rare chef indeed able to withstand the pressure and still turn out memorable food night after night.

But I digress.

If you would like to try your luck at a luxury tree house, French chateau, Bohemian hideaway, or  cliff-top sanctuary, oyster.com offers a few suggestions right here.

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