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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweets, Hearts, And Other Valentine's Day Confections

Giving chocolates to your sweetie on Valentine's Day may be banal, but, like guilt, it usually works. The trick is to seek out an elegant offering from one of the more distinctive choclatiers.

Valentine's Day Gifts from England's Charbonnel et Walker...

The British confectioner Charbonel et Walker is little known in the U.S. In England it's considered top shelf, as it holds a Royal Warrant to the Queen of England, and has for more than a century.

You will find two Charbonel et Walker offerings at Neiman-Marcus, including a Milk Chocolate Vintage Red Heart ($65) and a 16-piece assortment of "Vintage" Chocolates ($39) charmingly presented in a box covered in Charbonnel et Walker's original floral print paper.

...and from Vosges (left) and Bissinger's.

Neiman's also has stocked the Vosges Exotic Carmel Collection ($74), 36 butter caramels infused with exotic flavors. They are packaged in a sophisticated, round pink and purple four-tiered gift box. Vosges is the fashionable maker of fine candies from Chicago. It has become better known in recent years after opening stylish boutiques in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and New York.

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Finally, Neiman's has astutely elected to offer Bissinger's Signature Heart Box Chocolates at the very attractive price of $40. Don't know Bissinger's? You should. It has been producing quality confections in St. Louis since 1927.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, if you cannot be original, then at least show some class. It will not go unnoticed, which, of course, is the point of plying your loved one with bon-bons in the first place.

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