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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Things Not Available in the U.S.: Sony Walkman Returns on Steroids

Does the world need another portable audio player?

Sony of Japan thinks so. Earlier this year it introduced a new, seriously robust device aimed at the audiophile set. It's not thin and light, like the iPod. It's bulkier and heavier, because it is carved out of a single block of aluminum.

With 128 gigabytes of storage, it's aimed at those who want to listen to ultra-high quality uncompressed audio files – or high resolution audio, as it's come to be known. These recordings contain about three times the digital information of a CD.

Sony is marketing it under the long forgotten Walkman label, first introduced 35 years ago.

Further limiting the appeal of the new Walkman is a $700 price tag. But it does come with high-end Sony earphones, not the usual entry-level earbuds bundled with other audio players.

Right now the gadget is available only in Japan and Europe. Sony has not announced plans to sell the device in the U.S.

However, it's possible to have one shipped to you from Japan or Korea in a couple of days. You'll find  them on amazon.com.

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