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Monday, May 4, 2009

How's Your Drink?

You'll recall that a while ago we informed you that April was National Grilled Cheese Month. Even better, it turns out that in Scotland at least May is National Whisky Month.

To us, whiskey, as spelled in America, means a double shot of premium Bourbon like Blanton's, Booker's, or Rip Van Winkle (but we wouldn't complain if you serve us Jack) imbibed neat (at room temperature) in a rocks glass.To the rest of the world, whisky usually means Scotch, and that's what they're celebrating this month in Scotland, home to over 100 malt and grain distilleries.

We don't pretend to be Scotch experts; we're happy with a snort of Johnnie Walker Black Label, which has a medium body, nicely balanced smoke and caramel flavors, and a smooth finish. One Scotch we won't be trying anytime soon is $2,000 per bottle Highland Park 40 Year Old.

That's right, $2,000 per bottle, although we understand that the Highland Park 18 Year Old has a delicate, spice-accented smokiness and extended finish similar to the 40 Year Old and is only around $90 a bottle. Sounds like a bargain to us.

To learn more about National Whisky Month and see what events Scotland has planned this month and for the coming year, just click here .

A couple of shots of this could set you back $500

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