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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Time Is It Here? And There? And There?

Ritmo Mundo is a young watch manufacturer whose "I-gotta-have-that!" timepieces are sold at Barneys, Geary's in Beverly Hills, select jewelers worldwide, and by our gifting company, Jasper & James.

What do we love about Ritmos?

For starters, you can't beat their fabulous styling. The Piccolo Data model combines Daliesque numerals, a wavy second hand, and Art Deco touches. Sounds crazy, yes, but it works!

New this year is the Luna, and it's stunning, too.

Ritmos are designed in Italy and manufactured in Switzerland to a high standard. (Looks are important but no substitute for quality.) Ali Soltani, the owner, does much of the styling himself.

Our favorite Ritmo for men is Ali's signature Persepolis three time zone watch. With it's large but quite elegant 50mm case, handsome wide leather strap and imperial lugs at each corner, it's a wonder to behold and a joy to wear!

One side of the case houses retro hour and minute indicators. Here is the beauty part: when you turn the case, the reverse incorporates two additional, separate time zone indicators, say Paris and Tokyo.

Four precision Swiss quartz movements power this marvel of design, functionality, and quality watchmaking.

$3,600 in all stainless or stainless with rose gold.

Buy it and other Ritmos now at www.shopjasperandjames.com

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