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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Make It A Double: Putting An End To Blah Booze

Who says the wine or whiskey you give to friends and business associates this holiday season has to be boring?

Certainly not The Luxurist – or anyone he knows or would care to know. But I digress.

Back to the subject at hand: haute hootch. By this we mean premium libations that stand out from the crowd of monotonous merlots and so-so champagnes – in other words, bottles with bling.

Here are two that The Luxurist recommends:

Absolut Elyx 

The first thing you notice about this super premium vodka is the distinctive shape of the bottle – it's not round! – suggesting that what's inside is something out of the ordinary, as well.

Absolut (and nearly all other) vodka is produced in large stainless steel vats. The entire process is controlled by computers. No humans allowed! Elyx is distilled by hand in a small, all-copper still at the original Absolut distillery in Ahus, Sweden. Simply distilling in all copper creates a vodka with unique flavor characteristics, one that is silky smooth, quite different, and more refined than vodkas you might be used to.

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The wheat used to make Elyx is sourced from a single estate, introducing the concept of terroir to this category of spirits and further distinguishing the flavor profile.

Critics have called Elyx "a grand slam home run" and "one of the best vodkas" to come to market in ages. That's saying a lot when you consider how many fine vodkas you can find nowadays. Drink Elyx neat or with a single ice cube. About $50 per bottle.

Belvedere RED

It's what's on the outside of this eye-catching semi-transparent metallic special edition bottle that's important here. When you purchase Belvedere RED, half of the profits go to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Inside you'll find the same tasty vodka as in a regular bottle of Belvedere. And there's nothing shabby about that! About $35 for 750ML and $65 for the double-your-fun 1.5L bottle.

To purchase these and other premium wines and spirits in multiples for holiday gifting,  call Jasper & James at (310) 581-6710.

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